Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hsbc offshore banking

HSBC Offshore Banking

HSBC, also known as "the world's local bank" offers an extensive collection of services to expatriates that help it live up to its marketed reputation. They market themselves as such because of affiliations and connections with banks throughout the world, allowing them to have a strong global presence and the ability to provide near local service to international customers. You can bank online or over the telephone, allowing you access to your money and account information at any time, anywhere in the world. This is made possible by their flexible account structures and features targeted towards the needs of the customer. They make it a point to go above and beyond to provide their customers, no matter where they live, with top of the line banking services.

HSBC is known for its success in the development of offshore banking services which is why the HSBC offshore bank account is one of their most exciting and in demand products. It is highly sought after and one of the best selling banking products available. HSBC has demonstrated its understanding of the needs and requirements of those who utilize the services of international bank accounts, from the expatriate to businesses trying to hold assets overseas.

HSBC offshore banking is the HSBC division that is responsible for handling international accounts and providing information and customer support the account holders. Its focus is on providing expatriate clients the same banking services that could be expected of a local institution.

As far as relocating one's finances abroad is concerned, HSBC offshore banking services has been created as the one stop shop for everything from temporary housing and setting up local currency bank accounts to getting local currency credit cards, loans and mortgages. They can even help you find a job wherever you decide to live and help sort health insurance matters out. They also provide multi-currency accounts for people who earn money in one currency and have bills in another.

HSBC also offers international mortgage services for those trying to purchase property abroad. They have a series of guides packed with information on 80 countries to help customers settle in their new home. This package can be of great help to those who wish to expatriate to another country. This can be a smart move considering that countries such as the US and the United Kingdom consider it a crime not to report financial activity abroad and pay taxes upon retrieving the funds. One way to circumvent this is to expatriate to a country with different laws where more profits can be realizes. HSBC can be instrumental in this process.

Full insurance coverage is also offered by HSBC offshore banking with a variety of life and health insurances available. There are also saving and investment services available from HSBC for those who want to save a little for a rainy day while abroad. Some of these accounts come with the added benefits based on their jurisdictions, such as the advantage of growing tax free in some places.

Other features offered by HSBC offshore banking include the regulars, such as credit and debit cards, overseas loan facilities, foreign exchange services and the private offshore banking for those with a "heavy purse."


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